Film Production House Mumbai, India


Shaiju Nambiadath - Founder / Executive Director
Shaiju Nambiadath - Founder / Executive Director
Shaiju started his career in 1992 and has worked in many mediums of the entertainment industry including feature films, ad films and documentaries. He has had the opportunity to work as an Executive Producer with some of the leading production houses of Mumbai as such as Studio 18, Percept Picture Company, Excalibur Pictures (USA), First & Ten Productions, Phat Phish Films Pvt. Ltd., Impact Films Pvt. Ltd., Light Form Pictures, Choice Films Pvt. Ltd., A.K.Bir Productions, etc. He has been actively involved in all the aspects of film making - viz production, marketing and film distribution. This body of work has given him great learning opportunity and experience to develop a strong base to be in the Industry as a skilled producer. Some of the projects he has contributed to include - "Sehar", "Waisa Bhi Hota Hai - Part II", "Jai Santoshi Maa", "The Whisperers", "Quick Gun Murugan", "Fruit n Nut", "Shararat" etc. to name a few.
Ramesh S Sharma - Founder / Executive Director
Ramesh S. Sharma - Founder / Executive Director
A graduate from Mumbai University, Ramesh began his career in 1991 and has been an integral part of many projects from start to finish. He has worked extensively in all aspects of film making right from pre-production to the completion of the film. Being a part of the entertainment industry over two decades has made him to adapt and adjust to the challenges of this unique field and has added immensely to his experience and skill. His work profile in different capacities includes association with production houses such as Phat Phish Films Pvt. Ltd., Choice Films Pvt. Ltd., Venus Records & Tapes Pvt. Ltd., Devgan Entertainment, Excalibur Pictures (USA), First and Ten Productions, K.B.Pictures, etc. on projects such as "The Whisperers", "Quick Gun Murugan", "Sehar", "Raju Chacha", "Pardesi Babu", "Bhagawat Ek Jung", "Hungama", "Humraaz", etc.